Parties and Events

Sarnia School of Archery is proud to offer new and unique party options! 

Are you sick of the same old party options? So were we! We have done the old bowling party, the gymnastics, laser tag, we felt Sarnia's options needed to be expanded so we complied.

Archery Board

Traditional Archery Party

A traditional archery party normally lasts 2 hours with an hour and a half dedicated to instructional shooting - the last half hour is for balloon destruction! Other options are available with 3D targets and additional time. Tables and chairs provided for guests. Recommended for 10 people any age with additional costs for extra people.

Archery Bows

Combat Archery Party

Ever want to shoot a sibling or maybe a coworker? Now you can - safely!!   

Limited to ages 10+, a Combat Archery Party starts at about an hour and a half with options available for additional time. Using a field about the size of a basketball court and foam tipped arrows, you can chase around your friends and shoot them. About 15 minutes of safety and instruction leaves lots of time to hone your skills and pick off your opponents one at a time. All equipment rental is included - picture paintball with arrows.


What? Really? Nerf Wars!!

Do you want somewhere that little Johnny can have a great birthday and blow off some steam? How about a combat party right here? Geared for kids young and old these Rival style guns require a bit of strength to use so we do ask that participants are aged 10 and up.

We set up some barricades, explain how to use all the various guns and then let the kids run wild (in a safe and controlled manner) And have disco lights if you want to turn it into a dance party. Safety glasses are required so you can either borrow ours or bring your own.