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Sarnia School of Archery is proud to offer unique and exciting party options!

We offer Birthday Parties, Team Building, and Community Events – we are here for you to make your event a fun and safe experience!

Traditional Archery

1.5 hours dedicated to traditional bow shooting; 1 hour of traditional archery with real equipment, with the last half hour for balloon destruction!  3D targets available $50 extra (bears, deer, zombies etc…)

Age recommendation is 8+

Easy difficulty level

Nerf Wars

Exactly what it sounds like! With a variety of spring loaded guns and barricades you’ll be able to take your opponent on head to head or from the safety of a bunker.

Recommended age: 10+

Moderate difficulty level

Combat Archery

Safely shoot friends, family and co-workers with our foam tipped arrows. Combatants are equipped with masks, 20lbs bows and an arsenal of foam tipped arrows. Run, duck and hide behind the inflatable barriers for protection!

Age Recommendation is 13+

Hard difficulty level